You can find some details on what I'm working on and my past projects here. Don't hesitate to reach out to chat!

more details on my LinkedIn
kite (startup)

Series A startup in SF. I work on creating awareness and getting the product into more developer's workflows.

flock (project)

An email only habit tracker. Built to be a simple and low friction.

finn (project)

A Slack Bot written in Python. Runs on AWS Lambda and DynamoDB. A fun project to solve our team's inability to pick a place for lunch.

jobtrain (non profit)

Providing career training for the unemployed in the Bay Area. I help them reach the people that are in the most need.

not listed, but was an accountant at KPMG for a while
jefit (startup)

Probably the largest bootstrapped fitness app. I helped 6x revenue and grow the team to 8 people

strong (startup)

Worked from coffee shops in Norway, Taiwan, Prague and Japan to build a great product

ats automation (corp dev)

Acquiring companies in industrial automation. My last job before working on startups

fitzilla (project)

iOS app written in Swift to allow people to buy day passes at gyms. Will link a page with some screenshots soon.

communitech (helping startups)

Helped startups define and research trends about their market